101 Dalmatians x Cath Kidston ♡

Next month Cath Kidston is coming out with a brand new collection thats themed after 101 Dalmatians! I know that Cath Kidston has done some collections with Disney before but this one is extra special because 101 Dalmatians is one of my favorite Disney movies!~ I love everything disney dogs/cats. I love disney with all my heart but I feel like a lot of the time they abandon their animal movies ; - ;* 

They posted a few previews of the collection on their site but they haven't released any prices/if there will be any more pieces but I am ABSOLUTELY in love with the dishes + notebooks! Im not a huge fan of wearing black so i'm probably going to skip out on the bags (but they are so cute its tempting) The collection is limited edition so once something is sold out they won't be restocking!~ So make sure if you like anything from the collection you are near your computer on May 25th!

 You can sign up on the website here to preview the collection + gain access to a password they will be sending out the day of the release to get things before everyone else! If you live near a Cath Kidston they will also be stocking them in store on May 26th ♡ I absolutely adore the fact they included some floral aspects to the collection and IM SO EXCITED to pick up some pieces from this!

 ♥  Is there anything from the 101 Dalmatians x Cath Kidston collection you're planning on getting?  ♥ 

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